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Residents of Michigan can access MI Bridges to apply for public assistance benefits, manage their cases, and find community resources on the portal. Community partners can take advantage of the improved capabilities of MI Bridges. The MI Bridges system allows community agencies to receive online referrals from customers.


The MI Bridges website can be found at Michigan residents can access the new website without having an existing case at MDHHS. Those looking for community resources and services can log in as well.

10 Steps For Resetting Your MIBridges Account Password?

If you do not remember your MI Bridges Login password, you can reset it by following the steps below:

  1. You can reset your password by clicking Forgot Password in the MI Bridges Login screen.
  2. Your username should be entered in the provided field.
  3. Once you have answered the Verification question, click “Next.” Answers are case-insensitive.
  4. Continue by clicking the Next button.
  5. The recovery password will be sent to you via the method you have chosen. You can select from Email, Mobile, or Security Questions.
    MI-Bridges-Forgot Password
  6. To recover your password, you can select to receive an email or text message. Enter the PIN in the box provided and click Next.
  7. You will be asked two security questions if you select Security Questions. The answers to your security questions were entered when you first created your account.
  8. To continue, answer the following questions and then press Next. In the space provided, you’ll need to enter a new password once you’ve been verified. You’ll need to reenter that password. Passwords must contain eight characters, not based on your username, and must include characters from 3 of the following categories:
    Upper case letters (A-Z), Lower case letters (a-z), Numbers (0-9), and Special Characters (!$#%@-^&_-+=><).
  9. You will see your confirmation after pressing the Next button.
  10. Call the helpdesk at 1-844-799-9876 if you continue to have problems.