You can manage your case using MI Bridges if you receive benefits from MDHHS. With MDHHS, you can report changes and submit renewals for your benefits without having to call MDHHS at any time. You can view details like benefit amounts and when benefits will be available on your bridge card by managing your case.


Upon logging into your account, you will find several services available. You can access your account using the login credentials you generated during registration.

Features Accessible On MIBridges Portal

Apply For Benefits: You can apply for numerous benefits, including healthcare coverage, cash assistance, food assistance programs, assistance for women, infants, and children, child care and development, and state emergency relief.

View Letters: You can view all the letters you have received over the past year. MI Bridges used to only display the last 60 days of letters. The letters are now visible immediately after they’re generated. You will be able to view your letter before it arrives in your mailbox if you are signed up for Notifications.


Identity Verification/Proofing: Identity proofing is another level of security added by MDHHS. When you create or register for an account, you create a user id and password along with three security questions. You will be asked questions from your credit report about which only you know the answer. It helps ensure your information stays safe as a result of this increased level of security. Because resetting your password can be tricky, keeping track of the new account information is a good idea.

Manage Your Case Anywhere: You can manage your case from anywhere at any time. When you click on Case History, you can see all the change reports, applications, and renewals that have been submitted. Staying on top of this information will help you stay on top of everything DHHS has requested from you.