Access MI Bridges by visiting www.michigan.gov/mibridges from a computer tablet or your mobile phone whenever and wherever you need it. If you register and log into MI Bridges, there are many features you can take advantage of, including applying for benefits, exploring local resources that may be helpful, and managing your case if you receive benefits.


You can use the explore resources feature to search for help close to you if you’re seeking a specific type of resource or support. View a map and list of resources near you by entering your address, selecting one of the resource topics, and selecting your current location. MI Bridges is a tool that allows you to manage your case if you receive benefits from MDHHS.

Whenever you want, you can view details about your benefits, when benefits will be available on your bridge card, or when to renew without having to call MDHHS. As part of managing your case, you can report changes and submit renewals for your benefit. In this transformation, the MI Bridges Login portal serves as a self-service citizen portal for customers that promotes better communication between citizens and the government.


You can also view letters that MDHHS has sent about your case in the last year. When you misplace the letter you received in the mail or need to share it, you can download and print the letter online. Sign up to receive text or email alerts from MDHHS when new information is available. Therefore, you can always keep track of your benefits status, renewal, providing documents, and other case actions.

The ability to upload documents has also been improved in MI Bridges. Navigate to the upload documents page to see which documents are needed to process your case. Take a photo of your document on your mobile phone or select the one you already have and upload it.