Apply For Benefits

MI Bridges makes applying for benefits simple and straightforward. In addition to Healthcare coverage, food assistance, cash assistance, childcare, and emergency relief, you can apply for assistance with utilities, housing, and burial costs. You can customize the application based on the programs you are applying for and save your progress.


By using MI Bridges, you can not only apply for benefits but also connect to both state programs and resources in your local area. The following guide discusses in detail the various information regarding applying for benefits.

Once your application has been approved or denied, MDHHS will send you a letter in the mail. Before your application can be approved or denied, you may need to meet with a caseworker and submit verifications, depending on the programs you applied for.

Apply For Benefits On MI Bridges Portal

Get Help From Navigator

We recommend contacting a MI Bridges Navigator near you if you have questions or need help completing your application. The MI Bridges Navigators are trained community partners who can assist you with completing your application and using MI Bridges sections such as View Benefits, View Letters, Report Changes, Renew Benefits, Help Me Find Resources, and more!


Submit Application Without Verifying The Identity

Applicants are not required to verify their identities before submitting applications. In addition, if you do not verify your identity, you will not be able to view information about your benefits online or use other features of MI Bridges, such as reporting case changes, renewing benefits, and uploading documents.

Response Time For Online Application

For each and every benefit program, the response time varies. Healthcare coverage, for example, takes 45 days to process, but some of them can be approved immediately. The Child Development and Care program take 30 days, whereas the State Emergency Relief Program takes 10 days.

View Benefits

Your caseworker will send you a letter with the results of their review of your program eligibility. You will receive your benefits information and a copy of the letter in MI Bridges the next day if approved.